Anhydrite Photomicrographs

Integrated Exploration has analyzed several wells in which we observed anhydrite replacing dolomite in a supratidal depositional environment. Anhydrite nodules grow by replacing dolomite eventually the coalescing nodules form bedded anhydrite, which acts as an effective seal to underlying porous dolomite reservoirs containing hydrocarbons.

Anhydrite replaces dolomite in formations such as the San Andres Formation in the Permian Basin and the Rubelsanto Formation in Guatemala.
Anhydrite replaces dolomite in a sabka supratidal depositional environment.
Dolomite being replaced by anhydrite, note the stylolite containing solid hydrocarbon residue (black).
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Lower magnification photomicrograph of anhydrite crystals.
Same as previous photomicrograph of anhydrite crystals but under higher magnification.
Anhydrite nodules replace dolomite prior to coalescing into bedded anhydrite.

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