Petrographic Photomicrographs

The petrographic photomicrographs were taken by Nelson Yoder while analyzing thin sections of well cutting and core samples on numerous projects.

Photomicrographs of the calcareous planktonic nannofossils were provided by Dr. Bernie Shaffer.


Anhydrite Photomicrographs page at
Calcareous Planktonic Nannofossil Photomicrographs page at
Calcareous Planktonic Nannofossil
Carbonate Sand Photomicrographs page at
Carbonate Sand
Glauconite Sand Photomicrographs page at
Glauconite Sand
Organic rich shale photogicrographs page at
Organic Rich Shale
Phosphatic Oolitic Sand Photomicrographs page at
Phosphatic Oolitic Sand
Siliciclastic Sand Photomicrographs page at
Siliciclastic Sand

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